Address of Atticus Scriblerus

Mr Elliott

To the Rt Hon. Lord Viscount Aircastle
on this visit to Positive House, Feb. 28th 1814

A Sonnet

by Atticus Scriblerus, Junr.

Not all that in the heavenly muse delight
 And science wonders, O renowned Lord!
Wise tho’ they be, or brave as crystal light,
 To learning’s sons protection do afford;
Which if they did, high fame would them accord
 The poet’s verse, vow’d to immortal years:
But who shall swell thy fame, transcendent Lord!
 Which asks the music of the heavenly spheres?
Thou com’st, and ev’ry face fresh joyance wears,
 Within our orb electric, genius-fraught;
Thou com’st, and to the winds we cast our cares,
 And tune our lyres, and wake heroic thought,
For thou, of all the world th’ accomplished Peer,
Dost rule our hearts and doubly govern here!

A. S-----S