To Allan

Miss Flaxman

The enclosed copies of authentic papers are sent to the Attic Chest in consequence of the information conveyed from “Positive House” concerning that too amiable Protheus ”Beauclere” — if that gentleman has really forgotten Castle Gowrie with all its relative circumstances these verses will recall to the recollection of “Allan” the

March 1st 1814

No more the castle’s spacious hall
Resounds with Allan’s tuneful song,
No more his harp’s enchanting call
Brings youth, and age, to join the throng.

Resume my friend thy wonted fire
Thy native cheerfulness and glee
Oh! take thy long neglected lyre
And strike the notes so gay and free.

Arouse thee Allan from thy dream,
And charm again the listening ear,
But touch not that unwelcome theme
My plighted faith forbids to hear!

But rather ‘twine the lasting wreath
The Muse delights to give the brave,
That cheers the dying victor’s death,
And strews the laurel o’er his grave.

But if thou wilt the myrtle wear,
If love must breathe in every line
Then sing the praises of thy fair
But do not let that praise be mine!


Castle Gowrie
March 20th 1806