Introduction to an Ode

Miss Flaxman

Introduction to an Ode intended to have been written but prevented by a thick Fog.

’Twas then, yet not an eye
In town, could see the glories of the sun!
’Twas noon, yet not an eye
Could see thro’ fog, the azure of the sky!
No neighbour could his neighbour greet
Across the street,
For why!
No neighbour could he spy
Through fog so dense and dun!

’Twas noon, yet not a mouth
From Aldgate pump to Palace Yard
No, not a mouth, a single mouth!
From east to west, from north to south
Could ope
Without inhaling
From Thames exhaling
A noisome Fog,
Would choke a dog
Or e’en a bard!

Oh fearful gloom! Oh direful damp!
Doth it forebode
My hapless Ode,
My Ode probationary,
Like vulgar stationary
Waste paper hight
Should, torn in scraps
The taper light
Or midnight lamp!

Look down Apollo!
Great Chief of Grub Street! pray
Dart but one ray
One cheering ray
To light my way:
Thy car I’ll follow
I’ll win the laurel crown
I’ll charm the town
I’ll beat them hollow!