Atticus Scriblerus to the Editress

Mr Elliott

Full of gratitude for the flattering attention with which, as he is informed, he was honoured at the last reading, Mr Atticus Scriblerus begs to present his best respects to the Editress and, having understood that some of her literary friends condescended to express a wish to see some of his poetry, he takes the liberty to enclose the proposals of two works in that kind, which he is about to publish. To one of them, The Pleasures of Sentiment, he has not yet chosen a patroness (though several ladies of high rank have honoured his subscription) and should his application to the ladies at Tabby Hall be favourably looked upon, he thinks of showing his gratitude by dedicating it to Miss Saccharissa Sophia Murmur. Nor is this the only lady of the Society whom he would immortalize in this way, for he has it in contemplation to publish a poem on the Art of Cookery, which he would be happy to dedicate to Miss Rebecca Nettletop, and he has no doubt but he should be enabled in due course of time to celebrate the whole circle.

He hopes the Editress will acquit him of presumption in making this second intrusion, but the hopes of Attic Fame are too tempting to be resisted by a Votary of the Muses.

Grub Street

Wednesday Afternoon