Mr Scriblerus Proposal

Mr Elliott

Speedily will be published
in 17 Volumes duodecimo
Innocent Crimes
or the Sorrows of Sympathy,
a sentimental Novel.
Enriched with Sonnets, and sentimental effusions.

By Atticus Scriblerus, Votary of the Muses, Member of several learned antiquarian, literary, philosophical, discussatory, and coterieical Bodies in various parts of Europe, Asia, Africa, and America.

&c. &c. &c.

Mr Scriblerus humbly begs leave to recommend to the patronage of Ladies possessed of sympathetic sensibility this attempt at a slight sketch of some of the most interesting denouements of the feelings of the heart. He has no doubt but their susceptibility will be excited in the most lively manner, in developing those nuances of Sentiment, those refined touches on the chords of the soul, which cause the responsive feelings to vibrate in sweet accord “with each light wish or graver woe” of the engaging personage depicted in a work of imagination like the present. He has thought it best on this occasion rather to skim the surface of the sympathies in a short work, than to dig deep into the mine of sentiment, and harrow up the soul of sensitivity in a long performance; but if he meets with due encouragement from a liberal and feeling public, he is not without hopes of being enabled to delineate, in a work of from 24 to 30 volumes the “Victim of Sentiment, or the meritorious Adultress”, which may possibly be followed by others equally new and interesting.