Letter from the Fair Advertiser

Miss Porden

The lady formerly known to the Literary World by the title of the Fair Advertiser again ventures to address the Editor of the Attic Chest. Understanding that a Society has been formed under his patronage for the reception of those females who shunning the snares of Man intend to undergo a Maiden Pilgrimage, and having been offered the refusal of a vacancy in it, she begs leave to decline the honor intended her, as she is no longer qualified for the situation.

Having failed by her efforts in the Attic Chest last year to rouse the dormant feelings of the inconstant object of her affection from their lethargic slumber, after a severe conflict which reduced her to a deplorable state of nervous debility, she resolved no longer to be the victim of an unfortunate passion, but to transfer her affection to some object more worthy of it.

It was not long before a youth whose similarity of taste, gentleness of disposition, and congeniality of soul, plainly evinced that heaven had destined him for her. The subtle flame darted with electric rapidity thro’ either heart and she has now the unequalled happiness of sharing with him the nectar’d cup of connubial felicity, and in their delightful cottage on the romantic banks of the Dee, they listen to the melodious warblings of the birds, the brawling of the stream, and the vernal sighs of the evening zephyr, while the soft light of the moon sheds a pensive charm over the scene.