To the Editress

My Dear Editress

Although the spells and attractions of the Attic Chest are delightfully fascinating, I cannot but hail the early termination of the present season, from the motive which occasions it, and which must plead forcibly with all the friends of your amiable family.

I hope the projected excursions of the summer will not only add fresh health and vigour to your beloved mother, but also be productive of subjects both interesting and amusing to the companions of her journey, and which under the care of the author of “The Restoration” cannot fail of delighting your audience on its re-assembling next winter round the social Attic fire-side.

I need not remind you of the delight you will feel from visiting the abode of the Muses on the banks of the Isis, nor of the gratification that must arise from viewing its classical prototype, “Grosvenor’s Lofty Pile”, raised by the skilful magic and erudite taste of your father, and the city which gave birth to your mother, cannot fail of exciting the most tender filial emotions, that will add a thousand beauties to the objects which surround you. That the visit to it may be productive of the happiest effects is, I venture to assert, your most anxious wish, and that the result may be as propitious as the endeavours, is the truly sincere wish of