To Eborina

Miss Porden

Nay start not when this well know hand you view
 Nor when you see Lothario’s hated name,
Ere you have read this sad, this last Adieu
 Unpitying plunge it in devouring flame.

For tho’ till Heaven this breast of life bereave,
 Where’er I roam, to what far distant shore,
My plaints must flow, my sighs of anguish heave
 Lothario’s love shall vex thy peace no more.

Ere thy beloved form had crossed my sight
 Happy mid Ebor’s peaceful vales I dwelt
My looks were joyful as my heart was light
 And sorrow’s sting was short, and seldom felt.

The days passed on, how sweet how swift their flight,
 Soft as the zephyr’s balmy breath they moved
Until thou cam’st in heavenly beauty bright
 I saw thee — needs it more to say I loved.

For who could see that eye of softest blue,
 Reflect the thoughts that in thy bosom rise,
As ocean’s placid surface gives to view
 The countless stars that gem the vaulted skies.

With Wit’s ethereal fire could see it glow
 Could see it sparkle at the call of Joy
Melt in soft sorrow at the tale of woe,
 Then beam once more in cheerful ecstasy.

And who could gaze upon that lovely face
 Round which thy ringlets wave with careless art,
Thy beauteous form attired in angle grace
 Nor feel the subtle poison at his heart.

And oh, how pleasing is affection’s spring
 Ere watchful Reason wakes our cruel fears
Ere Seraph Hope flies on expanded wing
 And Love’s bright face is soiled with bitter tears.

Each smile thy cheerful friendship gave to me,
 Hope thought might from a kindred flame arise
Could in each act a tenderer impulse see,
 And read a softer meaning in my eyes.

Too soon these sweet illusions passed away
 As melt the rainbow’s brilliant tints from sight
Like these alas, as transient and as gay — 
 When to Augusta’s towers thou tookst thy flight.

Nor were the pangs of absence all I bore
 For could I hope mid crowds of fortunes blest
With With and Wealth and Virtue’s amplest store,
 Lothario’s image still could please thy breast.

Yet thou wert near me still — I still could view
 Though with a sigh of agonizing pain
At memory of thy charms which thrills anew
 That beauteous form so long beloved in vain.

Could listen to that voice, so soft so sweet
 Till painful thought wrung forth the starting tear
Till every pulse a wilder measure beat
 A fatal pleasure, yet it still was dear.

But thou are fled once more, and when I see
 In all the agony of wild despair,
The scenes that Memory consecrates to thee
 She wakes Reflections too severe to bear.

Hope can revive my sinking soul no more.
 For thee sweet maid, I fly my native land
To yield my breath on Lusitania’s shore
 Or lose thy memory on her distant strand.

And shouldst thou chance in Freedom’s sacred cause
 My name enrolled in lists of death to see
Oh say will sad remembrance bid tee pause
 Will one blest drop of Pity fall for me.

Farewell forever — Oh may Heaven bestow
 Its sweetest choicest blessings on thy head,
May Truth and Virtue guide thee here below,
 And happier worlds receive thy spirit fled.