The Blighted Rosebud

Miss Sanders

I mark’d the bright and fervid ray
 The vernal bud enclose
Winter’s sunshine flatt’ring day
 Nurse th’ embryo rose.

Cheer’d with genial warmth it grew
 The garden’s early pride
And near to where exotics blew
 Would to the wall confide.

The tender charms protection claim
 And I had hop’d to see
Maturity the rose attain
 That grac’d my fav’rite tree.

Deceitful presage of the spring
 That call’d its beauty forth!
The beam implanted winter’s sting
 The canker of the north.

I saw it sicken when the gale
 The petals rudely blew
I saw it droop beneath the hail
 Where late it kindly grew.

Musing I mourn’d its early fate
 And moraliz’d the theme
Transient the joy our wishes greet
 Our peace a summer’s gleam.

So bloom our hopes on life’s bleak plain  We court tomorrow’s spring;
The season oft of grief and pain
 That disappointments bring.

Yet cheated by the partial ray
 We bliss uncertain prize
Forget that virtue’s brightest day
 To hope beyond the skies.