Letter to the Editor

Miss Porden

Understanding that you are at a loss for contributions in prose, I beg leave to offer myself as Prose-writer in ordinary to the Attic Chest.

You will perhaps at first think this proposal borders a little upon vanity, but I have no doubt when you have heard my numerous qualification for the office that you will immediately retract so erroneous an opinion. In the first place, I have in common with the renowned Spectator a very short face and a great disposition to taciturnity. The last quality, I beg leave to observe, is extremely rare in the Attic Society. It might appear conceited were I to speak of my great genius, my extensive learning, my correct taste, or my extraordinary facility in composition. I shall therefore leave them to the discovery of my readers, and await in pleasing expectation the honour of your appointment to the situation.

I have only to add that my talents are so various, and my scope of reading and study so great, that all subjects are equally easy to me and that the Society may rely upopn my diligence.

I am, sir, your very humble servant


N.B I have a number of essays ready written, which with a few lines of preface and conclusion will do equally well for any subject you may please to approve.