Annie’s Bower

Miss Flaxman

Laird Malcolm has biggit a bonie bowre
On yonder brae for Annie,
And deckit wi’ monie a flowre
To please his ain dear Annie.

The wa’s are a’ as white as milk
Sae fair, the bowre of Annie,
The ha’ is hung wi’ softest silk
Sae gay, the bowre of Annie.

The windows are baith wide & lang
To light the bowre of Annie,
There the wee birdies sing their sang
At ilka dawn to Annie.

The woodbines round them creep & try
To shade the winsome Annie,
Lest Phoebus wi’ his gowden eye
Shou’d dare to leuk on Annie.

And a’ the garden’s like hersel
Gay, sweet, and fair, like Annie,
And ilk flowre some charm can tell
Some blink o’ bonie Annie.

The lily on its slender stem
Leuks like the gentle Annie
Bedight wi’ mony a dewie gem
Like tears o’ tender Annie.

And roses on their thorny bush
Bloom like the modest Annie,
She’s a’ their sweetness & their blush,
But not ae thorn has Annie.

The curling tendrils of the vine
Are like the locks of Annie,
But what is like the bonie een
The twa bright een of Annie!

The cope of heav’n sae bright & clear
Is like the een of Annie,
Nae ither blue wi’ that can peer
But the blue een of Annie.

What man I liken to the smile
The saft, kind, smile of Annie,
Sae free frae care, sae pure frae guile
Ah where’s the smile of Annie!

Her guardian angel while she sleeps
Has watchfu’ care of Annie,
Close by her pillow vigil keeps
And smiles like lovely Annie!