The Norland Lassie’s Lament

Mrs Staveley

Adieu! awhile to Attic strains
Ilk Muse sublime! — and Muse diverting
Dulness alone wi’ me remains
Her sway o’er a’ my saul asserting.

How swiftly flew the cadgie hours
When pleasure, wi’ guid sense uniting
From Fancy call’d the sweetest flow’rs
And ilk a Grace was so inviting.

Waes me! on these revolving days
That aft my senses fill’d wi wonder
Ise hear nae mair, these tunefu’ lays
But grieve that wi sae lang maun sunder!

Oh time flee swift and bring again
Those hours sae dear wi’ friendship glowing
Enliven’d wi sweet music’s strain,
Or Ellen’s numbers softly flowing.