Believe Me Love


Communicated by Miss Richardson L.I.F.

Tune: “The White Cockade”

Believe me love, I’ll never change
Whate’er may tempt where’er I range
And tho’ much fairer maids there be
Still thou shall fairest seem to me.
I’ll watch thee with the tend’rest care
Thy joys, thy woes, thy pleasures share
Those eyes of thine shall never see
One look of coldness come from me.

And wilt thou promise me thy love
Wilt each opposing bar remove
And tho’ one wealthier seek thy hand
Wilt thou for me that wealth withstand?
I ask but thee nor part for gold,
Such charms should ne’er be bought or sold,
And woulds’t thou but thy heart resign
No earthly bliss should equal mine.