To Maria

Miss Porden

Of all the flowers that Earth adorn,
Waked by the genial breath of morn,
The rose of red, the rose of white
Find greatest favour in our sight.

 Of all the maids that tread the green,
Maria is the fairest seen,
Scarce with her neck the white can vie
And in the red rose’ vermil dye
Her cheeks’ bright hue we scarce descry.
 One morn with me the lovely maid
Along a blooming garden strayed,
I asked her which the flower she chose,
 Give me the fairest flower that blows
The white, and eke the vermil rose,”
She cried, I eager to obey
Snatched one from off each trembling spray,
When laid upon her gentle breast
They calmed their enmity to rest,
Once more like sisters, now they meet,
Together blend their perfumes sweet
Thus innocence and virtue move
The fellest foes to peace and love.