Swallows Departure

Miss Porden

To the Swallows on Their Departure 1809

Ye Birds that fearful of th’ inclement skies
 Now bid your straw-built summer seats adieu
No Summer viewed you with propitious eyes
 No days of warmth and splendour shined on you.

To weep the fate of Europe, wat’ry Jove
 The Earth has deluged with unceasing rain
To dry the falling moisture Phoebus strove
 And tho’ by Sirius aided, strove in vain.
Athwart the skies was spread a dusky veil
 That hid his glories from the toiling swains
For months obscured in clouds, or wan and pale
 He shed a sickly lustre on the plains.

When next you come may he in slendour rise
 And smile upon you from unclouded skies.