To Stella

Miss Flaxman

Ah cruel Stella! wherefore take thy flight
So far beyond the reach of mortal sight?
Mid worlds innumerous and thro’ boundless space
Some new-found planet’s wond’rous course to trace.
In vain alas! my feeble wings essayed
To follow thee, my dear aspiring maid,
But soaring genius bore thee from my view
To realms where I must never dare pursue!
Too great the dangers for a Moth to brave,
Not Stella’s self, could from a comet save!
Deserted, lost, I shun the noon-tide ray,
And sigh ’till Hesper brings the lovers day,
Then watch the glancing meteors on the stream
And fancy Stella’s image in each gleam.

Return erratic maid, nor longer roam,
Contented shine, the bright fixed star of home!

The forsaken