Mrs Flaxman

Song to the Air of “Waly, Waly, Love is bonnie”

Sae heavy is this waefu’ heart,
Wi’ stifled sighs it soon mun break!
To nane, I may its grief impart
To nane, its dool and anguish speak.

The saut, saut tears that thrang my E’e
I dare na’, dare na’, let them fa’,
I wad I might lay down an’ dee
And quat the warl its cares and a’!

I saw a bird upon a breer,
He pip’d an’ sang wi mickle glee,
But soon he flew, that sonsie bird!
It was na’ lang he pip’d to me!

I saw a rose upon a bush,
A bonnier rose might nae be seen,
I gather’d it at morning’s blush,
But Ah! it wither’d e’er the e’en!

The sin’ my hopes are blighted a’,
Like blossoms fallen frae the tree,
And ilka joy has wing’d awa’,
I fain wad lay me down and dee!