An Anagrammatical Charade

Miss Flaxman

My first was by an ancient poet sung,
Tremendous weapon, which was frequent hung,
At awful distance, while with look askance,
The youthful eye has cast a fearful glance.
 My next a weapon of a different kind
Most potent in a skilful hand you find;
Can wound or cure, can order and obey,
Can flatter princes, or can maids betray.
Tis love’s prime minister, or lawyer’s friend
Can cause a quarrel, or a quarrel end.
A wise man’s weapon, tho’ a goose may use it,
And woe to him who ever dares abuse it.
For if he does — why let him dread the worst,
Misuse my second, he’ll deserve my first.
 Now gentle ladies, when you’re quite at leisure
Transpose the letters, at your will and pleasure.
Arranged in order you will find a name
That’s dear to friendship, not unknown to fame

Answer: Porden