No Sign Portentous

Miss Flaxman

The Order of Peace and Friendship for Ladies only, instituted by King James after his reconciliation with the Douglas. Ellen was invested with it on her birthday at Stirling Castle. The colours attached to it are those by which both the King and the Knight of Snowdoun are signified.

No sign portentous, Ellen dear
Of rude contention, scaith and roar,
To call fierce clansmen to the fight
And the fell torch of discord light;
But token fit for gentle maid,
To wear upon her silken plaid.
A little cross of amber clear,
An amulet of virtues rare,
First attraction’s power it shows,
But this my dearest Ellen knows,
To mem’ry it new force can lend,
Reminding her of absent friend.
And the mystic knot above
Speaks of loyalty and love,
Of hope, of peace, and constancy,
Of friendship, and of unity.


“Speed Robin speed! she said, and gave
The crosslet to a fairy brave —
The Muster Place is Ellen’s home
Instant the time, we come, we come!”