Charade Signed C.J.F.

Communicated by Miss Flaxman

Permit me Madam to come uncalled into your presence & by dividing myself add greatly to my consequence.

So exalted and in the character of my first — that I have trampled on the pride of kings, the greatest potentate have bowed to embrace me, yet, the dirtiest kennel in the dirtiest street, is not too foul to have me for its inmate.

In my second there is infinite variety! I am rich as the eastern nabob, yet poor as the sweeping object of your benevolence. I am mild and gentle as the spring yet savage & cruel as the wintry blast. I am young, beautiful and happy — yet old, deformed, and wretched. It is from the highest authority I dare pronounce myself your superior, yet few are the instances that prove it, and many are the proofs against it. But you are tired and wish my reunion — it is done, and I have no other merit than in remaining as before, your most humble servant


Answer: Waterman