For Life

Communicated by Mrs Flaxman

From the Greek of Metrodorus

Mankind may rove, unvex’d by strife,
Thro’ ev’ry road of human life.
Fair wisdom regulates the Bar,
And peace concludes the wordy war.
At home auspicious mortals find
Serene tranquillity of mind,
All beauteous nature decks the plain,
And merchants plough for gold the main.
Respect, arises from our store,
Security, from being poor:
More joys the bands of hymen give,
Th’unmarried in more freedom live:
If parents, our bless’d lot we own
Childless, we have no cause to moan
Firm vigour crowns our youthful stage
And venerable hairs old-age.
Since all is good, then who would cry,
“I’d never live, or quickly die!”