Mr Flaxman

As I sat musing in my bow’r,
Pleas’d with each whistling bird,
Enamor’d of each flow’r,
Lo! a warrior’s form is seen,
Darting resplendent rays across the green.
His starry helmet beaming light
His full orb’d buckler, blazing bright,
’Twas I thought the God of War,
Just descended from his car.
But what have I to do with him?
I’ll fill a goblet to the brim.
“Here Mars,” I cried, “since thou are come
Partake Evoke’s foaming boon,”
But as to raise the cup I tried
With the radiant arms,
Prostrate I fell before her charms
I spilt the wine then tumbled down
Thy golden cup and ivy crown.
She bowed her head
Then stretch’d her lovely hand
And smiling said,
“Fear nor my gentle votary
I subdue
Fierce Mars, as easy
As I conquer you.”