Monsieur L’Abbé de Grenthe’s Ball

Communicated by Sir John Barrington

Monsieur L’Abbé de Grenthe
Of the polite Academy
 Will give a ball to brag on,
And begs to state it will take place
At that receptacle of grace
 Th’ assembly soon at Dragon.

Monsieur declares that this is meant
Solely for friend’s encouragement.
 So prays you to remember
Trusting that all who hear the news may
Not fail to meet him upon Tuesday,
 The twelfth of this December.

Variety the treat enhancer,
Reels, minuets, jigs & country dances
 His anxious care divide.
Cossac, chantreuse, cotillon too,
Tripudium, qu’est tout nouveau,
 And many more beside.

Much will be heard as well as seen,
Speeches by Virgil and Racine
 By Thompson, Homer, Home
Effects de la poudra-a-canon!
Cato, par Monsieur Addison,
 Et “Condition de l’Homme”

March, Valentine, Sylph Miss J. B.
Hornpipe, Gavotte No. 3,
 And many more you’ll hear,
Ap Shenkin, Vertigo & Rondo,
And what the ladies are so fond o’
 The British Grenadier.

In short the Abbé’s a man
Resolved to please by this new plan.
 What mortal can say more!!
Tickets at three & sixpence each
Are had, where Monsieur deigns to be
 Tea paid for at the door —