Fragment from the Greek

Mr Flaxman

The yellow grain
Nods to the main
As Notus sweeps the seagirt plain,
And now he sleeps
With all his boisterous brethren on the undisturbed deep.

Yon purpling cloud declares the way
Of the rising god of day,
Whose golden hair and steeds atherial bright
In full refulgent blaze
Diffuse their circling rays
And fill the world with light.

He rising high pursues his road
Along the bright abode
By fleecy ram, and lowing bull and skipping goat,
And all those starry splendours nigh
Through the blue concave of the sky.

Thus from year to year
Returning in his long career
To mortal man
He brings thy natal day again.

As the sun rises from the dark cerulian main
Dazzling a wide world’s wondering eyes.

P. F.

Fragment from the Greek for the Attic Chest