In Vain

Mr Henry Thomson

In vain I urg’d the gods above,
To speed me to my anxious love.
I sought on Iris’ bow to glide,
Or seated by fair Venus’ side
Amidst the Graces and the Loves,
To guide the travel of her doves.
Even in his car would Neptune deign,
To urge his dolphins o’er the main,
I’d been content with him to ride
So I might reach my promis’d bride.

But Iris lists not to my pray’r,
Proud Juno’s mandate claims her care,
And Venus in her bow’r of roses
Deaf to my voice in bliss reposes.
My wild impatience Neptune blames,
Amphitrite his chariot claims;
“Tomorrow — if thou needs must go —
Forbear,” I cry. “’twas madness! know
I cannot, will not, brook delay,
Tomorrow is my wedding day.

Lost hapless swain! Heart-stricken wight!
And do the gods forsake thee quite?
Ah no! See Cupid’s self appear,
His drooping votary to cheer:
“Avaunt,” he cries. “Ye chilling fears,
Give to the winds those bootless tears,
I swear, thy journey shall not fail
For love, this night, will drive The Mail