We have the pleasure of opening this number, with an address from the Attic Chest to her contributors and friends.

We sincerely hope her expectations will be realized.

The answers to the first riddle, which are possessed of considerable merit, will be read this evening.

The translation of the forty eight Ode of Anacreon from our frequent contributor Ictinus we announce with pleasure, as also the Anacreontic, which we believe is not from the same hand.

The Lamentation of Pegasus is very moving, and his condition truly deplorable, but considering that his is only eased of his load once a fortnight it is not to be wondered at. We cannot however help remarking that he appears to have returned to Earth, sooner than Fitz-Helicon (from whom we have received a continuation of the Constellation) intended.

The poem entitled the Chest of Eleanora, is an elegant composition. The advertisement we give for the amusement of our friends.

The favour of Roselia, will be read as a kind of supplement to this number; although it is irregular to admit printed compositions into the Attic Chest.