The Rose

Mr Kilburn

La Rose

Tendre fruit des fleurs de l’Aurore,
Object des baisiers du Zephyr,
Reine de l’empire de Flore,
Hâte-toi, de t’epanouir


The Rose

Child of Aurora’s tearful dews,
Flora’s gay empress, lovely rose,
To whom mild Zephyr trembling sues,
Haste and thy blushing sweets disclose!

What have I said — no, tender flow’r,
Still let thine opening be delay’d
Since the same short-liv’d transient hour
That sees thee bloom, must see thee fade.

Eliza’s charms resemble thine,
Must the same rig’rous laws obey
Thou for a while like her shalt shine
Her bloom like thine shall pass away.

Rose! from thy thorny stem repair,
On her they fragrant odours show’r,
And thou shalt be while ’neath her care,
The happiest as the loveliest flow’r.

Go on her snowy breast recline,
Be that thy throne, be that thy tomb,
I would thy happier fate were mine,
Jealous I envy thee thine doom.

But in that soft asylum blest,
Surely sweet flow’r thou cans’t not die,
A sigh from my Eliza’s breast
Will thee revive — if she can sigh.

Love shall instruct thee where to bend,
Where best thy blushing leaves to place,
That they their added charms may lend,
Yet not conceal the slightest grace.

And should a hardy rival dare
With lawless touch the spot profane,
Swiftly do thou my vengeance bear
Oh! still for him a thorn retain.


Obverse Side

tibi quod hassan solvere, carmen, habe.