A Tale

Mr Flaxman and Co.


There was little Jack Horner
Once sat in a corner,
Eating of christmas pie,
He put in his thumb
And pull’d out a plum
Then cried what a good boy am I!
But Charles Ferdinando
Did with Mr Foot-Man go
And stood at the corner so sly,
When Mr Footman did laugh
Charles cried, ‘give me half’
That I may some pastry go buy.
Look here said his crony
They gave me bad money
There’s nobody’ll take it I’m sure
Cried Charles ‘What an ass!
To take such bad brass
Such a trick I can never endure,’
So on profit, both bent
To fighting they went
A damsel who stood laughing by
How foolish cried she
These two young men be
And Charley will get a black eye!


Money is the root of all evil.