Cupid’s Lament

Miss Flaxman

A Cantata for Three Voices

Air, ‘Shepherds I have lost my love’.

Ladies, I have lost a quill!
Have you seen my pinion?
’Twas stolen by a little Jill,
O! she’s a wicked minion.
I for her, my nest forsook
All in a frosty morning
With chilblain fingers, icy look
She tore my rich adorning.

Air, ‘Hey my Kitten my Kitten,’

O! my quill, my quill
And o my quill so deary
Such a fine quill as mine
Was never seen far no neary
How can I fly up, up, up,
How can I fly downy, downy,
How can I fly backwards and forwards,
How can I fly roundy, roundy?

Air, ‘Ponder well ye Parents dear’

’Twas saucy Nell, who stole my quill
Which makes my wing to droop
Of vengeance I will have my fill
And shut her in a coop.

Then ponder well, ye virgins dear,
I can’t attend your call,
Cato only, now must be your cheer
Old maids, ye must die all!


To finish with a chorus of ‘Oh, my Quill, my Quill’

Feby 14th