To St. Andrew

Communicated by Mr Flaxman

The following ode to the tutelar saint of the Catholic Church at Wells was written with a pencil in the dean’s prayer book whilst Mr Perkins was entertaining the author with his charming performances on the organ.

Long may they gothic pillars bear the weight
Which towers in beauty o’er their slender form,
Nor with rude crash consign their charge to fate
But brave the whirlwind and defy the storm!

Long may thy solemn organ’s melting sound
Attune the mind, and pure affections raise
Roll thro’ the vaulted roofs, and thence rebound
To distant aisles, and die in songs of praise!

Long may thy matin and thy evening bell
Charge the light transient breeze with calls to prayer
Rouse every holy passion from its cell
And for celestial bliss the soul prepare!

Or should it chance to toll in that dread hour
When a departing spirit droops in clay!
May it revive the poor dejected flower
And pass it blooming to the realms of day!

J. Bowen